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Why Another Podcast?

Several podcasts devoted to bicycle touring already exist. As an avid touring cyclist, I began listening with high expectations. 

One type of bicycle touring podcast featured interviews with people who have achieved incredible pedal-powered feats. Perhaps the guest had ridden to Antarctica and back hauling a refrigerator or traversed the Himalayas on unicycle. The host usually introduced the guest as having ridden through [fill in a large number] countries and covered [fill in a much larger number] kilometers. While admiring the accomplishments of these adventurers, I simultaneously noticed that their stories began to sound repetitive in my ears. After a while, they did not hold my attention.     

Another type of bicycle touring podcast tends to have episodes that lasts several hours. The host might be recording while setting up a tent, then making dinner, then going to the bathroom. Stream of consciousness episodes tended to be fairly incoherent and also failed to hold my attention.

Ultimately, I failed to find the type of show that I wanted to hear, so I decided to create one myself. With The Accidental Bicycle Tourist Podcast, I hope to present episodes that are engaging, varied, relatable, well-produced, and never more than one hour long. As always, feedback is appreciated.

What People Are Saying

Until I get more listener feedback, all testimonials will have to remain in Latin.

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Avid cyclist
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Avid cyclist
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Avid cyclist
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Avid cyclist
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Avid cyclist
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Avid cyclist